Technician: ‘Keystone XL must not be built’

Posted: January 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Even as the southern leg (Oklahoma-Texas) of the Keystone Pipeline opened Wesnesday, Technician columnist Ishan Raval argued to block the northern Keystone XL leg that would double capacity.

“The production of oil from the tar sands (in Alberta) and subsequent refinement (in Texas) emit three to four times as much carbon dioxide than conventional oil production does. Enough tar sands rest in Alberta to increase atmospheric CO2 from the current 400 parts-per-million (already above the upper safety limit of planetary CO2 of 350 ppm) by 200 ppm, an apocalyptic possibility that will happen if the Keystone XL is given the green light by President Barack Obama,” he argued.


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