Beer and pretzel logic — in US politics

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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To a chef, a set menu with the same items offered daily is a decidedly mixed blessing.

I shouldn’t have to explain why. There are probably many people, however, who find that their most memorable dining experience was in a restaurant lacking a set daily menu.

The restaurant menu goes back quite a ways. In China it goes back to the 11th century.

Now … and thanks, no doubt, to the personal computer user interface … it appears that the menu has become integral to the operating system of the human mind. In fact it would surprise people to know there is another way … but that is not today’s topic.

The US population waits for a menu in the form of television when it comes to politics. After the meal is served many people are unhappy.

The personal values of many people I know are more closely reflected by third-party candidates than in the politics of Democrats or Republicans. These candidates’ views don’t appear on the menu, however … they are not part of the prevailing (and overwhelming) media mainstream. People have to look around.

The problem is that everybody loses.

In the US, one could say there are only two kinds of voters: Those who know they’ve lost and those who do not.

The Democrats and Republicans each point to the other side’s efforts to deprive people of their rights. They’re different rights … but it’s same game.

All the while we lose sight that our very survival is under assault and the problem is that we wait for a menu to be presented by the overlords. And then we complain about the quality of the meal and the service.

I happen to find that Green Party candidates Jill Stein, Cheri Honkala and others reflect the values of some of my acquaintances even more than those of myself and yet … these acquaintances have been unaware of it. Simply because they’re not on the menu, so to speak. They’ve been … most undemocratically … not allowed to participate in debates. They are not backed by the corporate money that would put them on the Applebee’s menu of our politics … which is to say, mainstream media.

There is also a knotty pretzel logic operating in the US voter psyche.

“I am waiting,” an acquaintance said, “for the Green Party to acquire some real power before I go in that direction.”

In other words he is waiting for the party to gain power before he empowers it with his vote.

His words formed a sort of a koan, to be sure.


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