Rominous energy plan will utilize gyros

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

HOBBS, NM — Mitt Romney looked innocently quizzical as he addressed supporters gathered around him at a truck and supply business.

“You remember these, doncha?” he asked as he introduced a new “Energy Policy” for America Thursday, August 23. “The string twists to store potential energy as you move your hands apart. It releases that energy as you bring your hands together and the string untwists. I think that’s how it works. Or is it the other way around? Or both?”

Romney’s energy policy calls for renewed manufacture of the spinning disc toys — with many good jobs created in the process — and equipping them with tiny generators to capture electrostatic energy generated as the discs spin.

A double-disc version appeared in the late 1960s and it was all fine and good until someone got their eye poked out.

Romney’s plan does not call for accelerated oil drilling off the coasts of Virginia and the Carolinas.

He emphatically does not seek to permit individual states to manage energy development on federal lands within their borders for that would be tantamount to insanity.

Romney also does not seek to allow construction of the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to Texas … which would be madness.

Nor, it appears does Romney even consider climate change or greenhouse gas emissions in his energy policy which is designed to promise some 3 million jobs and many more … votes.

Another version of the Romniscope electrical generator, a cornerstone of the energy policy introduced by candidate Mitt Romney Thursday.


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