Acid rain regs save $170-430 billion annually

Posted: February 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

WASHINGTON, DC — Electric power generation plant emissions regs targeting acid rain eliminate thousands of premature human deaths, saving $170-430 billion per year, according to an assessment presented to members of Congress.

It will take more stringent regulation, however, to prevent further damage to Adirondack lakes and forests.

Those are conclusions from the National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program, which delivered its report to Congress in January.

Reducing sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides from power plants have resulted in “measurable improvements in air quality and visibility, human health, and water quality in many acid-sensitive lakes and streams,” report authors concluded.

Lead author, NAPAP Director and U.S. Geological Survey hydrologist Doug Burns urged further decreases in emissions.

“The principal message of this report is that the Acid Rain Program has worked,” Burns wrote. “The emissions that form acid rain have declined and some U.S. areas are beginning to recover. However, some sensitive ecosystems are still receiving levels of acid rain that exceed what is needed for full and widespread recovery. We have every reason to believe that recovery will continue with further decreases in emissions which is why further emission reductions would be beneficial.”

The report is available online here.

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