Indy Anna’s latest: Drone-proof headwear

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Indy Anna's couture turned heads in LA. Photo by Hiram Pawnitoff.

LOS ANGELES — Trend-setting mulliner Indy Anna put the spotlight on high fashion as she revealed a dazzling new headwear collection inspired by military and police agencies this week.

The word, “oversized,” seems too puny to describe, “Heads with an Altitude,” Anna’s line of headgear designed to foil snooping by drone spy aircraft. There is also a distinctive element of shabby chic to the collection … perhaps reflecting the new economic realities facing the vast majority of U.S. citizens.

The hats are not pricey.

“My hope is to outfit everyone with this collection,” said the legendary designer. “I want to click to Google Earth and see only a sea of my hats … no crowds and no individuals.”

Those willing to shell out a little more cash will be able to equip their already parabolic headgear with actually dish satellite components and decoding software so that they can actually receive signals from drone aircraft … as well as improved radio reception.

REALLY large hat.

Indy Anna’s designs are not limited to fashion. In architecture, she has modeled a popular Dutch recording studio after a British television icon (see below).

She has also designed a line of height-adjusting footwear enabling the wearer to reach objects on top shelves, to see above crowds, even to handle mundane tasks such as cleaning the gutters or rescuing a kitten from a tree, without requiring the risky use of a ladder.

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Broad hatbrims may foil drone spycraft.

Recalling a British television icon, this whimsical Indy Anna design for a recording studio
in the Netherlands may bring the past's presence into the future.


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