Gov’t hid truth on ozone science cuts

Posted: November 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

The hole in the ozone layer.

VANCOUVER, BC — A memo to a senior Canadian environmental official appears to show that she attempted to deceive the public in soft-pedalling massive cuts to ozone monitoring.

Upper-atmosphere ozone acts as a shield to cancer-causing solar radiation; however, as the Vancouver Sun reports, a huge hole above the antarctic has developed due, in part, to past use of human “conveniences” such as chloro-fluorocarbons in spray cans and air conditioning products.

Canada EPA Assistant Deputy Minister Karen Dodds had told Postmedia News in September, as funding cuts were announced, that there was no need for “the same level of redundancy that we have now” in monitoring of ozone.

However, the Sun reported, she approved a briefing note stating there is NO REDUNDANCY in the application of technologies and resources measuring the upper-atmosphere protective layer and the atmospheric ozone, which is a pollutant.

It’s nice to know that some government environmental officials are working to shield the public … from the the truth.


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