Opinion: Tackle military spending first

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY – Today’s “compromise” vote in the Senate to allow federal government spending to push it above the legal debt ceiling while cutting $1 trillion from the budget and an additional $1 trillion over the next decade reflects the looting of the country by constitution-bending corporate and power and influence-peddling among the very wealthy.

Bush-era tax cuts, the “Goldman Sachs bailouts,” tax loopholes and dubious investment vehicles combined with globalization have been identified by the progressive media as the tools in the burglar kit.

Tackling the federal budget, however, should start with defense spending tagged at $741.2 billion -– which funnels massive amounts of money into private hands while perpetuating a cycle of global chaos and violence. World military spending. Don’t be confused by “base budget” versus “military spending” … and take a look at these figures.

Yes, I would acknowledge that the former Soviet Union fueled anti-Western sentiment that has persisted into the present. And yes one can probably point out where NATO action has prevented or limited the slaughter of innocents.

U.S. military spending, however, is killing the country. Half would be too much.

U.S. Rep. Chris Gibson (NY’s 20th District) is doing more than just “his part” to loot the taxpayers on behalf of the defense industry (which also includes segments of the tech industry).

Remember … or rather, have you read the term, “Atoms for Peace?” This was the name for a U.S. nuclear energy research program launched after World War II.

Gibson has reversed this sort of approach, taking nanotechnology renewable energy research and spinning into a military weapons research program.

“This will be a very positive development for our area,” he told the Spotlight (Malta, NY) newspaper, of a possible Defense Department nanotechnology research development center. He cited a natural “tie-in” with GlobalFoundries (chip fab) in Malta.

Note that Gibson has also re-launched a move to site a new nuclear power plant in rural Washington County, NY … even as nuclear plant safety is being questioned around the world.

Such a move would not only transform an agricultural area but could actually stimulate development that, in turn, would generate more fossil fuel use. Apart from the obvious environmental destruction, a further shift in population to the Capital Region means more urban sprawl … exactly the wrong move in a world facing climate change and global warming, post-peak oil production and coming global food and water shortages.

We have got to slow down to survive. U.S. influence abroad is on the decline. We don’t have to be the cops of the world anymore. We can’t.

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